What Is a Hoyer Lift?

What Is a Hoyer Lift?


What Is a Hoyer Lift?The word “lift” is commonly used to describe many different devices that are designed to aid mobility in one way or another. Stair lifts, for instance, are motorized chairs that run along a rail and provide safe transportation up and down a flight of stairs. A lift chair, on the other hand, is a motorized recliner that can raise its seat to standing height for easy entry and exit. A Hoyer lift is yet another type of mobility aid that allows caregivers to transition someone from a bed to a chair, or a chair to a bathing enclosure. Hoyer lifts fall under the broader category of patient lifts. Much of the confusion with the term is that Hoyer is a company, but its name is widely used as a label for all types of patient lifts, whether made by them or not. It’s similar to how Kleenex has become a name for facial tissue in general, or Band-Aid for adhesive bandages. All patient lifts have a large sling that’s used to cradle the occupant. The sling can then be hoisted up and moved from point A to point B using either a motor mounted on a ceiling track or a frame build on wheels.

Hoyer Model Options

Although “Hoyer lift” is well on its way to becoming a blanket term for all patient lifts, it’s important to understand that Hoyer is the brand name of a company that makes a particular line of products that are, for the most part, portable. Available in a variety of configurations, their sturdy frames are capable of supporting up to 440 pounds and are available with either manual hydraulic or powered operation. Once the occupant is raised, the entire frame is wheeled to the destination.

Other Types of Patient Lifts

In addition to Hoyer, other companies manufacture overhead lifts, also called ceiling lifts. These devices are mounted directly to the beams of the ceiling and move along rails with just the touch of a button. These types of lifts are ideal for homes with narrow doorways that might not be able to accommodate a bulky wheeled frame.


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