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Level Up With a Portable Wheelchair Ramp From the Barrier Free Store


Portable Wheelchair Ramp Marquette MIIf you use a wheelchair or scooter, it can sometimes seem as if the world is filled with obstacles. While stair and wheelchair lifts can provide transport from one floor to another, it’s often the modest but abrupt changes in elevation that make the journey from point A to point B annoying, if not dangerous, for people on the roll. Don’t let a bump in the road keep you from getting to where you need to go. A portable wheelchair ramp can allow for safe navigation over curbs, high thresholds, and short flights of stairs. They can also provide an easy method of transfer in and out of vans. At the Barrier Free Store, we offer a wide variety of portable wheelchair ramps that are durable, sturdy, light, and easy to transport. As our name suggests, we are the mobility experts in Marquette and throughout the entire Upper Peninsula.

A Ramp for All Occasions

When you turn to the Barrier Free Store for a portable wheelchair ramp, one of our representatives will be happy to visit your home to assess your mobility needs, discuss the many types of ramps we offer, and provide guidance on choosing the product or products that are perfect for your situation. We offer:


  • Curb ramps – These ramps are sloped on both ends and are available with or without wheel guards.
  • Butt ramps – Sloped on one end and boasting legs on the other, these ramps are perfect for exterior step-up thresholds.
  • Folding ramps – Also known as suitcase ramps, these platforms fold in half and have handles for easy They are ideal for providing a means to roll a wheelchair or scooter from a vehicle to the street and back again.


And all of the ramps we offer come with anti-slip treads to provide reliable traction even in wet weather. We also offer interior and exterior threshold ramps made of either aluminum or rubber. Simply position them in front of a door for a smooth transition across the doorway.


While a portable wheelchair ramp provides obvious advantages for people using wheeled transport, they can also increase confidence for those who use walkers and canes as well. And many of our models can be fitted with optional handrails for added stability and safety.


Contact the Barrier Free Store today to learn more about our portable wheelchair ramps. We are proud to be able to provide homeowners in Marquette and throughout the Upper Peninsula the products they need to age in place with confidence.

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