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With an ADA Door Opener, Marquette, MI, Homeowners Will Be on the Threshold of a More Independent Lifestyle


ADA Door OpenerYour home’s exterior doors are meant to provide easy entry and egress to your residence, but if you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, they may be more of an obstacle than a means of access. At the Barrier Free Store, we can install an ADA door opener at any hinged entranceway, including storm and security doors. With just the push of a button, your door will swing open smoothly and remain that way for as long as you need to safely cross the threshold. The systems we install for homeowners in Marquette and throughout the Upper Peninsula are exceptionally reliable and designed to provide years of dependable performance that will allow you to retain your independent lifestyle while ensuring a high level of home security.

Advantages You Can Expect With Our Door Openers

The Barrier Free Store is committed to providing homeowners in the Upper Peninsula with the products and services they need to age in place gracefully and comfortably. As a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) we have the expertise necessary to modify your home in order to maximize accessibility and eliminate obstructions. A few of the benefits our door openers provide include:


  • Quick installation – Our technicians can install your ADA door opener in just a few hours and without the need for rewiring, thus minimizing any disruption to your home.
  • An attractive design – Compact, powerful, and discrete, our system comes in three powder-coated finishes that will blend in beautifully with your existing décor.
  • A powerful remote – Using the same technology as garage door openers, your remote will typically work up to 100 feet away, and you’ll be able to use either the adjustable delay to time the door’s operation or tap the button a second time to keep it open.
  • Battery backup – Even in the event of a power failure, your ADA door opener will continue to work thanks to a reliable backup battery system that constantly charges while the power is on.
  • Optional controls – In addition to handheld or wheelchair-mounted remotes, we can also add activation devices to an environmental control system or keyless entry pad on the outside of the door.


If you would like to have an ADA door opener installed at your home in the Upper Peninsula, contact the Barrier Free Store today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can also install a wide variety of ramps and vertical platform lifts to further improve your home’s accessibility.


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