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Pull-Down Shelves for Homeowners in Marquette, MI & Throughout the Upper Peninsula


Pull Down Shelf Marquette MIYou probably don’t give the top shelves of your cabinets a lot of thought until you need to retrieve something from them. As we get older, stretching to reach high places becomes increasingly problematic. Not only does it risk muscle strain, but also being thrown off balance. Standing on a chair or stool is equally risky. A fall from even three feet can lead to serious injury. You could use a grab tool, but reaching containers in the back can be frustrating, to say the least. There is, however, an alternative. Pull-down shelves can bring out-of-reach items to you instead of the other way around. At the Barrier Free Store, we are the go-to company when it comes to providing homeowners in Marquette, MI, and the Upper Peninsula with the products and services they need to age in place comfortably. We offer and install a variety of pull-down shelving systems manufactured by Rev-a-Shelf®, an industry leader renowned for its innovation and craftsmanship.

Satisfaction Is Always Within Reach With the Barrier Free Store

When you partner with the Barrier Free Store to improve cabinet accessibility, you can be confident the results will meet or exceed your expectations. We offer 24-inch and 36-inch pull-down shelves that lower items up to 11½ inches while extending out to 15¾ inches from the cabinet. Built to provide years of reliable performance, these top-of-the-line products also feature:


  • A two-tiered design for added storage
  • A gas-assisted lifting and lowering mechanism that provides stability and smooth, gentle operation
  • Locking arms when in the down position to prevent retraction
  • A sleek, wire design
  • Side- and bottom-mount brackets
  • Heavy-duty construction


What’s more, we can install your new pull-down shelves quickly and with only minor alterations to your existing cabinets. In fact, we can modify all your kitchen and bathroom storage spaces in just one day. But why stop there? Our technicians can also install drop-down closets to bring your clothes within easy reach. And all Rev-a-Shelf products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, providing added peace of mind.


If you’re tired of stretching, straining, and struggling for items on a high shelf, contact the Barrier Free Store today and schedule a no-obligation consultation to learn more about having pull-down shelves installed at your home. We’re proud to serve our neighbors in Marquette and throughout the Upper Peninsula.


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