Residential Stair Lift

A Stair Lift Can Help Marquette, MI, Residents Improve Their Home’s Accessibility Step by Step   

Stair Lift Marquette MI


At the Barrier Free Store, we believe your home should be the place you feel most comfortable in – a safe haven that provides warmth, security, and comfort. But if climbing and descending stairs have become a challenge for you, then your home may be more of an obstacle than an asset to your peace of mind. A stair lift can provide safe, convenient access to the upper and lower floors in your home. For those in Marquette, MI, and communities throughout the Upper Peninsula, we offer a variety of staircase lifts manufactured by Bruno, an award-winning company with a well-deserved reputation for producing top-of-the-line products homeowners can rely on for years of dependable performance.

Indoor Stair Lifts

When you turn to the Barrier Free Store for a stair lift, we’ll start with a free accessibility assessment. One of our specialists will inspect your home, discuss your needs, and review the stair lift options available for your home improvement project. We can install lifts on just about any type of staircase. Whether your indoor steps have a landing, quarter turn, half turn, or a winding design, Bruno’s curved rail can be configured to carry you smoothly and quietly between your home’s levels. Additional features include:


  • Plush, offset swivel seats
  • Flip-up arms
  • Seatbelts
  • Wireless send and call controls
  • Safety sensors
  • Soft start and stop
  • Dependable power, even in the event of an outage

Outdoor Stair Lifts

The Barrier Free Store can also install durable outdoor lifts to provide reliable transport up and down front yard steps, decks, or hillside stairs. In addition to having many of the features included with our indoor stair lifts, our outdoor options also have:


  • High-grade vinyl seat upholstery
  • A waterproof cover that travels with the chair for continuous weather protection
  • Machinery that is performance-tested to operate even in frigid temperatures
  • Dependable power for transport over extended distances and elevation changes


And since we’re located right here in Marquette, should your stair lift ever need servicing, we can send out a technician promptly, so you’ll have the comfort of knowing expert support is never far away.


Don’t let your stairs keep you from where you need to go. Contact us today and schedule your complementary consultation to discuss our available indoor and outdoor stair lifts.

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