Residential Wheelchair Lifts


A Platform Wheelchair Lift From the Barrier Free Store Will Allow Marquette, MI, Homeowners to Take Accessibility to the Next Level


Wheelchair LiftAt the Barrier Free Store, we believe homeowners who use a wheelchair or power scooter should enjoy the same level of independence as those who don’t. That’s why we offer residents of Marquette and the Upper Peninsula an array of options for improving accessibility to porches, decks, basements, and upper floors. In addition to ramps and stair lifts, we can also install a top-of-the-line platform wheelchair lift at your home. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, these devices – also known as porch lifts or vertical platform lifts – are like mini elevators, ascending and descending with the push of a button.

Engineered for Safety, Convenience, and Reliability

When you turn to the Barrier Free Store for your home improvement project, one of our specialists will visit your home to evaluate your accessibility needs and review all the options available for your wheelchair lift. We proudly offer products made by Bruno, one of the most respected manufactures in the industry. With its spacious platform, a lifting capacity of up to 750 pounds, and an ascent of up to 14 feet, you can be confident your wheelchair lift will comfortably accommodate your chair or scooter and reliably transfer you from one level to another. Bruno lifts feature:


  • Non-skid platform and ramp surfaces
  • Sensors that will automatically stop operation if an obstruction is detected below
  • An emergency stop switch
  • A reliable backup battery that will ensure continued operation in the event of a power outage
  • A smooth and quite ride
  • Weather-resistant finishes and controls


What’s more, you’ll be able to add optional accessories such as a phone outlet and a power-assisted top landing gate. For outdoor models, a canopy can be added to keep you dry in wet weather.


Don’t let a flight of stairs prevent you from reaching your destination. A wheelchair lift from the Barrier Free Store can allow you to get from point A to point B without having to transition from one mobility device to another. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and complementary accessibility evaluation at your home in Marquette or any other city in the Upper Peninsula.


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