Wheelchair Ramps

Barrier Free Store Is the Company to Turn to for Custom Wheelchair Ramps in Marquette, MI


Wheelchair RampsIf you use a wheelchair or scooter, the transition from the inside to the outside of your home can be a bumpy ride. A change in elevation of even a few steps may be insurmountable if you or a caregiver doesn’t have the strength to manipulate your mobility aid up and down the stairs. At the Barrier Free Store, we can install one or more durable wheelchair ramps at your home in Marquette, MI, often in a single day. Whether you need a path to get from ground level to a deck, patio, back porch, or front door, we have a ramp that will perfectly suit your needs.

Custom Ramps for Any Home

When you partner with the Barrier Free Store to provide and install wheelchair ramps, one of our specialists will provide a no-obligation consultation to discuss your accessibility requirements and evaluate your home’s entryways, as well as the areas around them in order to map out the best route for your new ramp. During this time, you’ll also be able to review all of the models we offer so you can choose the one that’s right for your home. All of our wheelchair ramps are  entirely ADA compliant and feature:


  • Durable aluminum construction that will withstand wind, hail, temperature extremes, and windblown debris
  • Infinite configurations, so we’ll always be able to build a path that provides the access you need with minimal impact on your outdoor landscaping
  • A wide variety of handrail styles, including those with vertical or horizontal pickets, single or double rails, and optional wood finishes


The Barrier Free Store can also provide a temporary ramp for seasonal residents of the Upper Peninsula or for those recovering from an injury whose use of a wheelchair is temporary. And since our ramps require no permanent alterations to your property, they likely won’t affect your home’s value.

To learn more about having top-of-the-line wheelchair ramps installed at your home in Marquette, contact the Barrier Free Store today and schedule your free home accessibility assessment


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