What Is a Roll-In Shower?

What Is a Roll-in Shower?


What Is a Roll-In Shower?A traditional bathing space has a tub for a basin, a low-level spigot, and a wall-mounted showerhead positioned above head height. While this arrangement may be fine for people without mobility limitations, it can be problematic for those who find it difficult or impossible to step over the rim of a tub to bathe. Roll-in showers eliminate the need to maneuver over obstacles by removing the tub and replacing it with a stall featuring a no-threshold pan, thus providing barrierless entry and exit. Unlike low-threshold showers that still have a small curb to surmount, roll-in showers are flush with the floor. To prevent water from escaping the enclosure, the shower pan has a slight backward slope and often includes an extra-large drain. They may have shower curtains, but these can be difficult to open and close for someone using a wheelchair, so it’s not uncommon for roll-in showers to go without.


Roll-in showers can be customized with many additional safety and convenience features such as grab bars, hand-held shower wands, built-in storage that’s easily accessible from a seated position, and fold-down bench seats. What’s more, the conversion process from a traditional tub/shower combo to a roll-in shower can be completed relatively quickly, often in just one or two days.

Of course, roll-in showers can benefit anyone, not only individuals with limited mobility. Many homeowners opt for no-threshold showers because they take up less space and offer a sleek, modern aesthetic. They can also feature luxury accessories such as body jets, heated floors, and even built-in, waterproof entertainment systems.

Other Options

If a roll-in shower is not a feasible remodeling option, there are alternatives. Custom bath or shower systems are built on-site and can be integrated into any existing bathing space. Constructed from PVC pipes and waterproof fabrics, custom shower systems can be configured to transfer their occupant from chair to toilet to bath safely and securely. Some systems can be used by one person while others require a second person to assist.


If you are a resident of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and are interested in bathroom modifications to improve accessibility, the company to turn to is the Barrier Free Store. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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