When Should I Consider Using a Patient Lift?

When Should I Consider Using a Patient Lift?


When Should I Consider Using a Patient Lift?If you’re the caregiver of a loved one with limited mobility, you undoubtedly have plenty of experience helping them with daily routines. You’re happy to be there to provide assistance, and you’re confident in your ability to perform these duties with compassion and competence. But needs evolve over time, and what was once routine can become a challenge if your loved one requires a greater level of care than before. Patient lifts, also known as ceiling lifts or Hoyer lifts, are designed to gently hoist occupants and transport them safely and comfortably from point A to point B. These mobility aids can make the difference between being able to continue caring for loved ones at home and having to transition them to an assisted living facility.

Is the Time Right for a Home Modification?

At the Barrier Free Store, we sell and install a wide variety of lifts, and one question we’re often asked is, “When should I consider using a patient lift?” Here are a few indications that it may be time to invest in one.


Increased Dependence 

If your loved one can no longer provide any assistance when being moved, lifting and transferal techniques that once worked well may no longer be feasible. Consider having a patient lift installed if you find yourself devising new and untested ways to move your family member.


Weight Concerns

If the person you’re caring for is significantly heavier than you, it can increase the risk of injury for both parties. Bariatric lifts are designed to accommodate occupants weighing up to 700 pounds. Be sure to consult a specialist before choosing a model, since lifting capacity is only one of the many factors to consider.


New Flooring or Other Home Modifications

A home remodeling project may have unexpected consequences in terms of accessibility and obstacle navigation. Tile and hardwood floors can sometimes be slippery. Changes in furnishings can narrow previously spacious walkways. Even a new pet that gets underfoot can lead to a fall while transporting someone. A patient lift can help overcome many of these potential obstacles.


If the time has arrived to add a patient lift to your home in the Upper Peninsula, reach out to the Barrier Free Store today. We’re northern Michigan’s aging-in-place experts.

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